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A Curriculum on Mastery and Enhanced Living: This book encompasses a curriculum of four courses for personal and professional development on the subjects of Partnership, Relationships, Wealth & Prosperity, and Truth. Discovering and developing these capacities as personal attributes make all the difference in getting our work done and having a life that is enhanced and fulfilled. Use this book to explore what matters in your life and what you desire to take away from your work. 


The Neologist is a fictionalized account of a true journey of awakening and the evolution of consciousness.  Droxis is an invented word describing that moment of awareness  when we come to the edge of language; of what we know, and encounter and then describe the unknown.  We have a moment of  'droxis' and invent a new reality.  The Neologist invents new language, which invents new realities for human beings.  In this story, Jack is a forty-three year old management consultant living in York City going through a somewhat amicable divorce. He visits a friend in Maine and has a shamanic experience. This experience ushers in a series of explorations, thoughts and encounters with spiritual guides.  He meets a woman and the guides become more prominent and reveal an incredible conversation on the nature of reality.


1.  The Adventures of D'Artagnan Wellbelove, aka "Tags", jazz crooner, his pianist, Snoots Monkfish, and agent Minerva Pettipiece as he plays Las Vegas, cruise ships and throughout the world one encounter one bebop at a time.  This jazz singer croons his way through life picks up interesting and exotic characters, discovering new things about them, ponders life's meanings, and witnesses remarkable events and romance.



2. On Spirit is a companion to Exploring Our Humanity.  Life is an adventure in discovering the truth, and discovering the truth is Life's greatest adventure; it defines a good worthy life. When we are crushed by the irrelevance bestowed by everyday life we are in so many ways ... lucky.  Because of our fundamental need for Godliness our quest is stripped down and its bedrock exposed. We step forward into a fundamental reality and life blossoms in each moment. We are aware we step into the divine and understand that "Thou art that". We notice that the Divine dissembles into many pieces, people and things, but it is also always assembled as one thing. We know this intrinsically and can also embrace this paradox with each breath. We do so with a simple choice, yes/no.

“I'm a review. Click to edit me and add text from a critic who has evaluated you and your work.”

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“I'm a review. Click to edit me and add text from a critic who has evaluated you and your work.”

“I'm a review. Click to edit me and add text from a critic who has evaluated you and your work.”

T.O.M Magazine

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